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The New Bell - Little Piano Pieces

( Global Edition )
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Musical instrument : Piano

Composition : Solo
Level of difficulty
Level 2 Normal
1.Spring breeze 2.Grandma's awful alarm clock 3.How big is the baby elephant? 4.Ostinato in C 5.Fairytale from the South Seas 6.Rustling leaves 7.In the green forest 8.Stay with me! 9.The new bell 10.The baby elephant floating among the leaves (in a dream, of course) 11.Two clowns 12.Sleep, little elephant, sleep! 13.Limping 14.Ragtime 15.a, b - Tango - 'El Corazón' 16.Do you like Gershwin? 17.Grandma's ball gown (Study) 18.The waltz is for ever 19.a, b - The girl from Bassó (The nightingale), The girl from Brassó

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